Fall 2015

You may ask yourself, how do I stay cool, calm, and collected in this situation? The wedding planning season of your life can have the tendency to be overwhelming, anxiety-ridden, and stressful. Have you ever met someone who seems to never get frazzled? This person doesn’t get too high or too low. They stay right down the middle. I’m always impressed by these people. How do they do it? I certainly don’t know all the answers but I’ve been paying attention more recently. What I am noticing is that they seem to always be very secure in their own skin and they have a good balance to their life. They know how to work and they know how to play.

We hope to offer a good balance of work (research) and play (inspiration) within our pages of Veils&Vows. Whether you are reading an article about one of our talented vendors or skimming the pages for inspiration through the many pictures in the magazine we hope it brings a great balance to your planning. In this issue we spotlight several local talented florists in our Floral Preview. We also rocked out (pun intended) a sweet Color Palette shoot at the Hard Rock Cafe at Four Winds New Buffalo which is sure to inspire you.