Emily Hary Photography

We are Emily and Jim Hary, an Indiana husband-wife photography team. We got married in 2015 and believe marriage is the ultimate adventure. We are Christ-followers, in awe of God’s magnificent creation. We love the outdoors and want to explore it with you! Some of our best memories in life have been made while traveling and playing in nature together. We enjoy national parks, forests, rivers, mountains, and fields! We are goofy, kind, and passionate people. Our hope is to enthusiastically serve you by documenting honest moments and real connections.


We strive to capture things in a joyful, timeless, and natural way. We want you to have a genuinely fun time with us, and feel comfortable to be yourself! One of our goals in life and in photography is to treasure the here-and-now, by being mindful and present wherever we go. We value those fleeting, in-between moments: the way you laugh together, when you glance at him and he’s not looking, and all the beautiful details around you. We want you to soak up those moments, while we capture you and your love. We do our best work in natural light and thrive outside. We’ll happily travel anywhere you want us! We will always encourage you to have an outdoor wedding ceremony (and reception if possible). We work hard to create meaningful and emotional photos that will make you smile, laugh, and tear-up years from now. Our wedding was the best day of our lives (so far), and we cherish our photos and film. We want the same for you. We tend to avoid heavily-posed photographs and will intermittently guide you. We’re best suited for fun-loving, laid-back individuals who like to be in nature. If you’re okay getting a little dirty, having a good laugh, and appreciating the simple things in life, then we will have no problem getting along! Trust us, if you can get vulnerable a bit, things will get good real quick.