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Music Machine - Paul Chamberlin

Music Machine – Paul Chamberlin

Advice for choosing a DJ for your wedding.

Your first contact with a potential wedding DJ should be to set up an appointment to meet. You then use the opportunity to gauge that DJ’s enthusiasm, personality and talent. See if you have a good personality match. Remember, they will be your Voice for the evening. An average DJ will do an average job. Is average good enough for your once-in-a-lifetime event?

No two wedding DJs are the same.

Every DJ has their own strengths and weaknesses. Very few actually treat their business as a “business”. Most are simply hobbyists. A full-time wedding & event DJ is very rare in this market. How do you find the right DJ for YOUR wedding day? Call, email, discuss, meet, follow up with references.

What does a DJ do for your party?

You are trusting your DJ with alot of responsibility. A great wedding DJ essentially wears five different hats… Sound Engineer, Music Programmer, Master of Ceremonies, Reception Coordinator & Party Motivator.

  • Sound Engineer. A great wedding DJ knows their gear. They will keep the music in an appropriate level at appropriate times. Cocktail hour and dinner, the music will be held at a conversational level. When the dancing starts they will keep the party pumping!
  • Music Programmer. A great wedding DJ will make choices. You need to feel confident they will make the right choices on your behalf. It’s not what you play, it’s when and how you play it. Most have an online planning tool and will work with you to make a playlist and a timeline that is as unique as you are. They will take requests from your guests, but stay within whatever guidelines that you set up for them ahead of time.
  • Master of Ceremonies. A great wedding DJ will be your voice for the evening. It’s not what you say, it’s how you say it. This requires training and experience.
  • Reception Coordinator.  A great wedding DJ will work with your caterer, your day-of wedding coordinator, your photographer, your families and you to keep to a timeline, and keep your event moving forward.
  • Party Motivator. A great wedding DJ is always interactive. That doesn’t mean being overbearing & cheesy. It means being “present” at your event. A DJ can “read” a crowd. They will find interaction that works for your event.

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