Tips For Choosing an Engagement Ring

By Stephanie Swanson

So you have decided to take the big leap and are about to ask the love of your life to
marry you- congrats! This is such an exciting time and I am so happy for you! I’ve been married
for 27 wonderful years and honestly, I wouldn’t change a thing. When you find your person,
time flies by and even the rough times aren’t so bad when you are together.

Now you might want to give them a symbol of your love… an engagement ring. I know
in the past there has been advertising saying you must spend a certain amount on an
engagement ring, but I am here to tell you that is not the case. There is no predetermined
amount to spend or style of engagement ring that is a must-have. This is where the fun comes
in! Make your own rules- be creative!

Classic solitaires (a single stone on a plain band) are always in style. Sometimes I tell my
customers to go this route so that they can use their budget to pick the best stone they can and
then later they and their finance’ can either wear simple wedding bands with it, or design a ring
together! It is easy to move the diamond to the newly designed ring, and I give my customers
credit for the solitaire band that is no longer needed.

Diamonds are gorgeous symbols of lasting love since the diamond is durable and has
unending glimmering light. Of course, natural diamonds are special as they are a rock off the
ground and the rarity of good color and clarity are desirable. Personally, I prefer to have a
stone that is eye clean (free of clarity characteristics easily seen to the naked eye) and has a
stunning color and cut. Contact me if you would like me to explain diamond grading to you.
We now have Laboratory Grown diamonds, which are actual diamonds, just grown in a
controlled environment. The advantage of this is sustainably sourced diamonds that have
beautiful color and clarity, not to mention being a great option for those who need a more
budget-friendly stone.

These days people are creating one-of-a-kind designs for their special someone using
colored stones as the focus of the design and diamonds as accent stones. Gemstones that are
favorite colors, birthstones and colors significant to the couple are regularly sought after. Black
and unique diamonds such as “Salt & Pepper” or “Misty Grey” are cool too!

I am a bench jeweler and designer for 29 years and can answer any questions for you on
your jewelry adventure! I deal directly with diamond brokers and vendors, so I can get in
beautiful stones and jewelry to choose from or we can make a one-of-a-kind just for you! Don’t
forget I am able to offer amazing prices too. Good luck and again I am so happy for you! Many
blessings and best wishes!

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