Bao Pastries

My name is Bao and I am the Pastry Chef through whom Sweet Dreams can come true!

My family and I moved from Paris, France to the United States about 3 years ago. In March 2018, we chose to live in the Chicagoland area, settling down in Valparaiso because we fell in love with the area, the wonderful environment, the great quality of life, the thriving economy, all the beautiful residential neighborhoods here, and mostly because of the beautiful nature all around Lake Michigan. We were really amazed by how friendly and peaceful the people are here!

I was trained as a pastry chef in France, graduating with a Professional Pastry Degree in 2015, from the Paris Auguste Escoffier School. Immediately, I began working with several pastry boutiques and bakeries around Paris. Since then, I have been developing my skills and experience. My aim is to bake the most refined and the most delicious pastries, always acting from my heart with great passion, and challenging myself to do my very best. I consistently focus on the highest quality, the best taste, and the finest design for all my pastries, my works of art.

In the past year, my husband and I have been participating in the farmers’ markets in Valparaiso and Chesterton, providing various authentic French pastries and traditional desserts to all of our dear customers, supporters, and friends! In fact, it was in this experience, beyond our expectations and to our surprise, that we heard our customers and supporters wish we’d open a store. Since coming to the United States with my family, our life has been a beautiful story, like a dream come true, the “American Dream”.