Zach & Laura

The Bride’s Perspective 

Describe Your Engagement 

In the midst of Estes Park, CO, a place that stirred the imagination of Stephen King for “The Shining,” we found our perfect moment on 11/20/21 in front of The Stanley Hotel. This spot holds a special place in our hearts as fans of the book and movie. Our engagement trip continued with adventures in Rocky Mountain National Park, igniting our passion to explore every corner of the country’s national parks. 

Describe Your Wedding Vision 

Our dream was a fusion of boho and vintage vibes, and our chosen venue encapsulated this blend flawlessly. The hues of sage green and terracotta painted our day with warmth and character. Personalizing our celebration with unique touches, especially our cake, made it even more special. 

Your Advice To Engaged Couples 

Amidst the whirlwind of planning, always remember that your wedding day is uniquely yours. While advice pours in from all directions, hold onto your vision. Others’ perspectives can be valuable, but ultimately, you and your partner best understand the magic you envision for your special day. 

Describe Your Wedding Day 

Our wedding day felt like stepping into a dream. With the love and support of our dear ones and the dedication of our vendors, everything flowed seamlessly. The fusion of boho and vintage elements adorned our day just as we had imagined. Amidst all the beauty, the pinnacle was undoubtedly exchanging vows and officially becoming each other’s forever. 

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