“Want to hear the professional version? 

Jenny has been a wedding and party planner of one kind or another since 2003.  She has owned her own wedding and event retail business, worked in some of Northwest Indiana’s premier event centers, and has the best vendor friends (and resources!) ever.

Want to hear the personal version?

Jenny is a wife, mama, Jesus follower, fiesty and opinionated fan of women-in-leadership and women-led-businesses, and a pretty good friend.

Care about the fun stuff?  Jenny is a Cubs fan, a chocolate fan, and really a fan of people in general. She likes summer, tacos, candles, and is really grumpy in the morning before coffee.”


“Best wedding coordinator in the universe! Not only did she help organize the most beautifully perfect wedding. She jumped in and schooled us on some dance moves. ” – April W.

“You were amazing!! We cannot thank you enough. You went above and beyond to make sure our day turned out perfect. ❤” – Shelly W.