Calumet Bakery

Come on in. Unwind and relax. Kick back with the daily paper, and find comfort in an atmosphere of old world serenity. Savor the creamy warmth of your favorite espresso creation as you treat your taste buds to a sweet glimpse into heaven with one of our many delightful creations—from extravagant cakes and pastries to traditional doughnuts and coffee cakes.

Looking for that awe-inspiring Wedding Cake you once saw in a dream? We also specialize in all types of wedding novelties from the traditional, to lavish, to modern. We book private consultations in order to understand your wedding vision, and we then create the cake that will both look and taste like flawless divinity for you and your loved ones on your special day.

Calumet Bakery—where old world tradition meets sweet luxury. Indulge yourself in perfection.