OMG Photography

My name is Kaity Fuja and I am the owner and photographer at OMG Photography. I have worked hard to differentiate OMG from other photographers in many ways… here’s how!

Whether you are planning a wedding or bringing your extended family together for a once-every-ten-years portrait or just looking to capture some casual backyard memories, OMG Photography brings a style that pulls it together beautifully.

When it comes to weddings, my style combines that of a photojournalist and an artist. I will document your wedding in a way that will let you forever remember all those little details that made your day so special – the captured moments that will let your children (and their children) see and understand what really happened that day. But I’ll do it in a way that reflects the beauty and grace and joy that the two of you have found together. While narrative photography and candid shots are the foundation upon which I build, I know that you probably have your own ideas about how you’d like your wedding to be photographed, and I am happy to include those ideas in your wedding record – everything from the random irreverent shot to solemn and elegant formal portraits. OMG has it’s own style, but I’m flexible enough to make it work for you!